Play - recreational activity, free or unimpeded motion, what provides amusement or enjoyment.

Sometimes it seems that I do not have the time to play. Building a business can swallow your time....

I love cooking is it a wonderful opportunity to invent sensual delights of smell and taste.

Hiking is the perfect combination of action and relaxation, when you are done you feel energized.

I enjoy riding motorcycles for the free open feeling and the exposure to sights and sounds I would not see otherwise. (I am too frugal to do it otherwise)

I enjoy photography, because I can capture a moment in time that can never be repeated.

I enjoy riding roller coasters, my wife and I even spent our honeymoon at amusement parks.

Speaking of Family...check this out!

I enjoy woodworking because it is so different from my work, relaxing, working with my hands and seeing solid tangible results.

Copyright 2001 Paul Rubin