Click for larger photoHiking is a wonderful way to experience nature. My whole family likes to get involved. We often meet in Colorado to hike together. It is beautiful there. I got this picture on a trail in The Rocky Mountain National Forest about a mile up the trail from Glacier Basin.

Click for larger PhotoYou also get to see some interesting wildlife while hiking, check out these monkeys I encountered on a recent trek.


Click for larger ImageNot all hiking in on mountain trails, here is a shot from a trip down Virginia Beach just after WTC disaster. This artist has some real heart.

Click for larger photoYou just have to feel something when you have views like this mountain top. By the way, the speck in the middle is my wife Jewel...


Click for larger photoHiking is also fun because you do it as a group and everyone enjoys themselves. You cannot tell me these folks are not having a good time.

Click for larger photoIt is just so relaxing to stroll down a trail, like this one in Asheville, NC, in the peace and quiet, when the primary sounds you hear are birds. Click for larger photo An sometimes when you are very lucky Nature will grace you in a instant of supprise with an unexpected pleasure and you will meet the BlueBird of happyness.

Perhaps I will run into you somewhere on a future hike.

Copyright 2001 Paul Rubin