I took up woodworking as a way to relax from the business world. Woodworking is generally thought of as the craft of forming functional or artistic objects from wood. Carpentry is generally thought of as constructing structural objects from wood. I am a fair carpenter and a novice woodworker.

There are several type of woodworking that I have begun to explore:

Click for larger PhotoSegmented Bowls - making round objects by placing wood on a lathe an cutting a shape into it while it is spinning. Here is my first bowl The sides of this bowl were made from 16 segments of 4 different types of wood. The bottom was made from several more. Click for larger PhotoHardwood Pens - Mont Blanc like roller ball pens in assorted wood types. Click for larger photoThis burl one was especially pretty
Click for larger photoJewelry boxes like this Walnut box with hand cut dovetails. Click for larger photoThis set of Ambrosia Maple salad bowls.
Lathe work is fun, but a little messy. But the results can be quite pretty.
Click for larger photoI built this Red Oak display cabinet for my wife's pottery. You can see more at her web site Click for larger photoI tried some Intarcia, this is kind of like a jigsaw puzzle, where pieces are cut from different woods. This one is Basswood (white) Ceder (medium) and Walnut(dark)
I even tried some Framing. No I did not do the Stain Glass, I just Framed it. The one on the Right is Pine and the one on the Left is Cherry.

Cabinetry - constructing cabinets from high quality wood like you would find in a kitchen. For example: Everyone has a cabinet in their kitchen that is in the corner. You know the one that you have to crawl into, well not me.

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Crawl in cabinet. maybe not.
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Why does that shelf have handles?
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Because it is not a shelf, it is a cart.
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And there is another right behind it.


Carpentry - constructing structural objects out of lumber. I wanted a set of beds for the kids room that could double as a king when adults are visiting.

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