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POSITION DESIRED: Hands on IT/Software Development Management


Languages: Java, J2EE, UML, Perl, c++, c, Basic, bash, sh, assembler, Pascal
Internet / Web: JSP, HTML, XML, JavaScript, HTTP, SMTP, FTP
Databases: Oracle, Postgres, SQL Server, Access, DB/2, Sybase, Turbo Image
Database Access: SQL92, PLSQL, JDBC, ODBC, OCI
Operating Systems: Windows, Solaris, Linux, HPUX, AIX, BSD
Subject Domains: Hospitality, E-commerce, Logistics, Mail Order, Retail, Banking, Accounting, Industrial Controls, Office Automation
Other: RogueWave Source Pro, Rational Rose, Perforce, PVCS, RCS, CVS, Clear Case, Configuration Management, Benchmarking, Profiling



2002–Present   Senior Client Server Architect,  Lodgian Inc., Atlanta, GA

Responsible for System Architecture of Intranet applications in Java, J2EE, Perl and PLSQL including Security, Application Servers, J2EE Database interfaces, external communications, job scheduling and more. Designed and developed applications and systems for Capital purchasing, Sales and Marketing, decision support systems, food and beverage management, expense reporting, time clock kiosks, payroll processing, labor management, Benefits Management, and integration with third party applications and vendors.

  • Redesigned application server framework increasing response performance by 100 times.
  • Saved the company over 7 million dollars in operating expenses since 2002.
  • Responsible for overall development and mentoring of team of 14 developers corporate-wide
  • Introduced use of
    • J2EE (tomcat) application development.
    • Version Control
    • Regression and Performance Testing

2001–2002        Independent Consultant (Short Term Contract Projects), Roswell, GA


Providing consulting services to businesses.  Designed, Built and Maintained many JSP/Java J2EE and perl CGI webservers running on oracle and postgres for e-commerce and customer support.  Functionalities included searchable catalogs and order entry systems, customer forums and discussion groups, event calendars, searchable photo galleries and searchable membership directories.

Windows & UNIX Systems Architect, E3 Corporation, Marietta GA


Responsible for creating the design for, leading the development of and growing the development team of E3’s Inventory forecasting software in the Windows and Unix Environments. 

  • Developed the strategy and architecture used to produce these products. 
  • Worked with existing Quality Assurance and Technical Writers.
  • Hired, trained and managed development and support team for Application and development environment.

1996-1999         Independent Consultant (Short Term Contract Projects), Roswell GA


Rogue Wave Software Inc., Corvalis OR. Rogue Wave is a vendor of C++ open platform tools. 
Consulted with them on existing and future C++ database products.   Provided comparative use and performance analyses of RW’s products with their competition.  Provided performance benchmarks for RW’s products and redesigned one product to increase its performance from 300 transactions per minute to over 40,000 when used on Oracle.  Provided a design for an O-R and R-O application framework toolkit.

Supply Chain Solutions Inc., Marietta GA (purchased January 2000 by Nonstop Inc.)  Supply Chain Solutions sold AS/400 inventory replenishment software for pharmaceutical distributors.  Designed and lead the implementation of a replacement C++ system.  Managed team of 6 developers through an automated port and adjustment of the existing 1 million line RPG3 system into 3-Tier UNIX/Windows replacement for the original system. 

Cadmus Interactive, Tucker GA (closed division of Cadmus Communications).  Fulfilled last contract with GE Capital, a Cadmus corporate customer, and managed the shutdown and migration of existing customers from Cadmus’s hosting operation to other providers.  Designed and lead development of a document management system with interfaces by pc client web and automated attendant to deliver technical reference manuals 24 hours a day over the web by PDF or by FAX machine.

TransQuest (Delta Technologies), Atlanta, GA.  Brought in to complete a project due in 60 days, for which the original development team was gone.  Developed a generic TCP/IP interface between the mainframe and the HPUX / Oracle system that could be configured on the fly by the mainframe team and delivered it with two weeks to spare before the deadline.

1994–1996        Director of Research and Development, Colinear Systems, Marietta, GA


Responsible for turning around the erosion of the customer base of retail mail order companies to competing products.  After interviewing the largest customers, developed the next generation system encompassing many parts of the operation desired by customers but not included in the current system.  This process also provided a structure for eliminating the current structure of customized systems for each customer that made new releases take months to produce all the different customer versions.

Technologies: C / DataFlex

1990-1994         Director Research and Development, Rothenberg Computer Systems, Santa Clara, CA


Responsible for design and development of a completely new set of products for collection of unsecured debt on credit cards and installment loans used by some of the largest financial institutions in the US and Mexico. 

  • Built a team of 19 people to build, document and support application.
  • Produced 9 Million dollars of business over 3 ½ years.

1988-1990         Senior Programmer, Werner Erhard and Associates, San Francisco, CA


Responsible for development and maintenance of the of course record keeping systems and course registration systems. 

Independent Consultant (Short Term Contract Projects), Fort Worth, and Austin, TX


Working directly for small business, developed many different systems for mortgage banking, accounting, mailing lists and other office automation on early CPM and DOS systems.



University of Texas, Austin, TX                                                                                             1983-1988                                                                                                                                                                                                1983 -1988

Mathematics and Physics.

Copyright 2001 Paul Rubin