Web Sites I hold full or partial responsibility for:

Aronoff Genealogy - Dick Aronoff has been collecting Genealogical information for 20 years, after I created this website for him, his collection has grown from 3,000 to 10,000 related people and still growing. I provide all of the database and search capabilities on the site that allow the user to navigate the family tree. From one person you can reach everyone in their immediate family.
Goodstein Family - The Goodstein family use their site to keep the entire family in communication and to promote annual events. I provide the entire website including an interactive photo album. The group photos are hot spotted to take you to a personal page for each person in the photo.

Newport 30 Association - This site devoted to people who sail Newport Sailboats. I provided all of the interactive portions of their site, manage news, a dynamic message forum, and searchable membership roster.


Pottsability Pottery - This emerging artist uses this site to display her love of pottery, I provided her all of the structure and technology and then trained her to maintain it herself.
Robin Campo - This artist works in multiple media to produce a variety of modern art.
Rubin Software Inc. - My consulting company.
Traders Broadcast Network - Provides services to brokers of computer equipment, including: E-mail broadcasts, inventory listings, purchase order funding. Site includes membership sign-up, credit card processing inventory listing management and more.
Weaving Arts Studio - This site publicizes a school for spinning thread and yard and weaving felt and cloth. They offer an assortment of classes for adults and children. I got them started and trained them to maintain their own site.
Woodworkers Guild of Georgia - This is the site promotes woodworking and woodworking related communication to the guild. I built this site from the ground up after their previous webmaster abandoned them. This site contains automatic event calendars, searchable membership rosters, message forums, photo galleries, a link management system and more.
Ted Baldwin Woodworking Ted makes unusual wooden gift items from many different woods. He also teaches classes in the construction of these items.
Atlanta Chapter AALNC Atlanta Chapter American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants .
Sites I host and Support
Riggs Consulting is a legal nurse consulting group that provides research services to lawyers and medical organizations.
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